Agile for building, Lean for learning

In my last talk at the European Lean IT Summit, I presented my take on what makes agile and lean different and complementary. In a nutshell:

  • Agile is an excellent production system, which helps software development teams deliver working software with the less overhead even under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
  • Lean is a learning system, which helps develop people's capabilities on the job, day in and day out, so that the company better satisfies its customers through better products and becomes more competitive.

Here are the slides:

You can also find the full video on youtube.

A lean starter kit for agile teams

Petit guide de management lean à l'intention des équipes agiles

This summer, I worked with 9 friends from the French agile community to help our fellow agile practitioners start their own lean journey. Starting with a simple table of contents, we produced in 5 days a 85-pages guide (in French) that you can get here:

We will be meeting in Paris on Saturday, November 30 for a full day of lean workshops. You can read more about this on our events page, and get in touch to join us.

Christopher Keromen and Bruno Thomas have both blogged about the "making of" of this fantastic experience.